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So apparently sleep was for someone else last night.  And if that was you, I hope you feel well-rested.  Someone ought to. I figure my turn is just around the corner.  That ever-elusive corner. 

But I wasn’t lonely. Nope.  Lines from reading, The Berenstain’s Bears and the Great Road Race, 562 times in the last month were constant company.  “Over, under, around and through went Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.  Down and around the country-scene went Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green.”  Soothing, aren’t they?

So between the book I will quietly donate to the Goodwill and the illegal portion of raspberries I ate last night, I did a lot of tossing and a ton of pillow fluffing.  Nothing felt quite right.  At five sixteen this morning, my little guy cried out.  With his eyes still closed he told me he wanted to go home.  Which then made me look around because I thought we were home… but it was early or late–one of those– and after a morning with just me and my mind, I couldn’t be sure.  Then he wanted food.  And when all I could remember was the peanut butter he’d eaten with a spoon last night, I walked my guilt downstairs and brought the guy some chips and cheese. Uh…it’s what we had.  Then he cried for a napkin and I gave him toilet paper, and he wanted a story and I muttered through, The Berenstain Bears and the wild, wild Honey. But he’s asleep again…and for a brief moment before the others wake up, it’s just me and the beginning of Wednesday.


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  1. Julie Davis says:

    Hello~ Dan Downing’s sister (ha! I don’t use that line much anymore) here – Dan passed along your blog address, and I’m loving it so far 🙂
    I’m a Mom to four little ones (7 months to 7 years) and dreaming about sleep… oh yes I do, but only every other minute or so 🙂
    Thanks for the fun blog stories, and I’m so glad you could give the lady her ring back! God is good!!

    • jeannem32 says:

      Ahh…Julie, I remember you! It’s just that now between the two of us there are six kids–amazing! I’ve seen glimpses of your beauties on Dan’s fb profile, which I suppose is living vicariously. Thanks so much for reading…

  2. Ruth Slagowski says:

    I loved this one! I felt as if I were there, shadowing you. It left me wanting to read more, a quality of a truly gifted writer. Keep them coming!!!1

  3. Kristina Linkem says:

    LOVE IT! You’re a great writer!

  4. Heather Sink says:

    Oh Jeanne…the talent you possess amazes me! I am an avid reader and your stories not only held my attention but I want to read more. The fun and human spin that you put on the events that happen in your life make me want to pay more attention to the little things happening in mine. Very touching. Like brush to canvas your words are art on a page. Heather

  5. Michael Van Buskirk says:

    I love your lines Jeanne! Wow, what repose. I feel sooooo relaxed…..

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