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We be smart

I’ve got an older sister who in my memory took little pity on me when I was younger.  And sometime way back in middle school–at least I’m hoping–my sister convinced me that the word ‘gullible’ wasn’t in the dictionary. I say ‘convinced’ loosely here, as she didn’t have to work at it or anything.  She just said, “can you believe it?  the word ‘gullible’ isn’t even in the dictionary.”  And I said, “really?”  

It was a smart moment for me.  I think of it fondly.

So there’s a guy who drives a pump truck in our neighborhood–a green and white pump truck.  And about 6:20 each night we can hear the road groan and the pump truck rumble to its driveway. We don’t know the pump truck guy.  Never met him.  Couldn’t describe him in a line-up. Nothin’.  But my husband made comment at lunch today that he thought it was cool that the pump truck guy lives close enough to his work to come home for lunch.  A borderline sentimental moment, I think.  And I said, “well that’s because on Wednesdays he only works half a day.” And my husband said, “really?” Yep,” I replied.  “He dropped his work schedule by our house yesterday.” And there was much pausing… before my husband said, “if you look up ‘gullible’ in the dictionary, I suppose my picture will be there.”

Better his than mine.


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  1. Sarah says:

    This one was my favorite by far. Good one Dr. Troy. LOVE IT

  2. Kate says:

    Another really good one. You make my day when I read your stories. I also find it very inspiring… I’m trying to write too… my writing is not nearly as good as yours, so no worries I’m no competition 🙂

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