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Sparing the Rod

He was direct.  No fluffy talk.  No talk at all, really.  Just a blurt from his car seat. “Do you want a spanking?”  Hmmm… I gave it some thought. Did I want a spanking?  “I’m serious,” he added.  And I thought some more. “I’m serious,” he shouted again.

“Nope. I’m all caught up on spankings,” I told him.  “But I could use a hug.  A real big one–no tiny smidgy stuff.” He hesitated. ” Awww, mommy.”  “I’m serious,” I said.  He offered me his dirty toes.  “I’m serious,” I said again.  And he folded.  “I lub you, mommy.”

Then still seatbelted in the Fred Meyer parking lot we hugged. Real big.  Just me and my little boy.


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  1. Charlene says:

    You make me laugh Jeanne…so excited to read your blogs…

  2. Greg Domingos says:

    J. Keep it up.

  3. Kate says:

    You made my eyes watery (is that a word?), well, plainly said, you made me cry. I know so well these special moments. Couldn’t express it any better. Great piece!

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