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When It's Urgent

They’d gone to the backyard to eat their macaroni.  Which she did.  And he’d started to, only something more interesting came up.  Then with only the muffled warning of their voices near the back door, they burst into the house, tripping over each other and urgently calling my name.  Whatever it was couldn’t wait.  “C’mere, mom,” they both insisted.  “You’ve gotta see this!” 

Only I recall the last time I was needed this desperately– just after lunch today. My daughter had tapped me excitedly on the shoulder and said something similiar like, I just had to see this right now.  And then she led me out to our lone, sad peach tree and showed me that our two peaches–our only two peaches–we’re turning orange and red.  I focused on not dropping my jaw and saying, “that’s it?”  I mean, I love that she’s fascinated with the fruit changing colors. And I love that she wanted to share this with me.  But I was prepared for something, well, borderline exciting.  And here we were peeking at peaches.

Which is why I knew that if I didn’t get out to the backyard immediately, whatever was there would likely still be there when I could get out.  But I didn’t treat it that way.  I set down last night’s chili pot and the sponge I’d been using and followed the two of them around the side of the yard along the path where the ivy has started to grow over the stones.  And  then my son shouted, “Look, mommy!”  And my daughter pointed near our feet.  And then since I could think of nothing to say, she explained, “it’s dog poop, and two slugs are eating it.”

And suddenly I’m… 

aghast, embarrassed, disgusted, grossed out and not far from gagging.   I’m also just…

just sorry my husband isn’t here to see it. 

But…I’ll call him next time.

It’ll be urgent.


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  1. harrypest says:

    As a science teacher, I am happy to hear that Heathrow is contributing to the education of your youngsters. Hey, everybody has to eat. 🙂

    Your blog always brings a laugh, smile, or a tear to the eye! Love it!!!

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