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Peace Like a River

I only mention the river because I miss it already.  It was our getaway this summer.  Our fifteen-minute-away reprieve from the heat; our temporary sanctuary, if you will, from the rest of the world.  Our family time.  And as it’s August now, the tail end, I wonder if yesterday’s river trip might’ve been our last…for many months. 

We never carried much.  Just  packed our chairs and enough food and water so no one would keel over, and a camera in a zip-loc, if I remembered. 

 Then we’d walk the dike a hundred yards or so and teeter our way down the gray rocks clutching children until we either reached the sand or tripped into the water.  And then my husband and I would look at each other and point this way or that and we’d eventually end up plopping our chairs in a spot where I could sit and still eyeball our kids and he could begin the next engineering feat with a pile of rocks.  And two helpers.

In all our river trips, we never stayed long. Invariably someone was near melt down or past nap or couldn’t ‘hold it’ any longer and we’d surmise that it was best to pack it all up and head home.  But not yesterday. 

No, yesterday was something special.  I think we all sensed it.  This end to summer, to dam building, to daring each other to lay down in the river, to finding the ideal stick for walking or swinging at rocks or poking your sister.  And we didn’t want to leave.  We just…didn’t…want to leave.

And so we sat.  And we ploonked a few more rocks.  And we reminisced in brief about our summer. 

And then since it’d been two hours and since we knew better than to wait until a pair of someones said they were starving, we folded the chairs and packed ourselves out.

I shall be telling all this with a sigh….somewhere–down by the river…two kids and two parents played…and I, I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. 

As it’s made all the difference.


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  1. I loved this piece. It was warm and captivating. I was at the river as I read, and then felt like I was invading a private family moment. LOVED IT!

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