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The Wenatchee City Pool

The summer we moved to Wenatchee, I learned to swim here.  I was six.  And the pool was huge.  Right there by the steps was where I had my first swimming lesson.  And where I led my own children into the water now thirty years later.

We’d paid our buck a piece (if you can believe it) and then filtered our way through the locker room to the pool deck.  It was eleven in the morning.   On a sunny Saturday.  By which time I noticed that there might’ve been seven people there.  And four of them were wearing whistles.  I guess that’s legal.  Us paying three bucks for the whole pool, that is. 

Only it doesn’t make sense to me anymore.  This colossal pool with no one here. But maybe that has something to do with moving away and finally appreciating what I’d always assumed would be here while I was.  The pool.  Only I’m not here–except on this Saturday.  And agghh…it just seems like such a waste.

Which is why, I suppose, they closed the pool for the summer, hours after we left.  And why after sharing overcrowed, indoor pools with I don’t know… thousands, that I just can’t wrap my mind around it. 

But, uh, goodness…where was I?


The pool.

Here are my kids inching their way down the stairs.  It’s a little brisker than we’re used to.  Actually, it’s a bit darn cold for me with the wind blowing and all.  But it’s that ‘going under water all at once’ that I just can’t seem to do anymore–even if it really is less painful.  I tend to take my cold water in small doses these days.  One toe at a time.

Here’s my dad in his speedo (more on that sometime) and a few other folks who woke up before noon on Saturday and thought to swim.

 And here’s my dad beside my son who did his own series of laps on the stairs.

And here are my kids with a lifeguard who was kind enough stand beside them.  And who, by doing so, reminded me of Shelley and Cindy and Mark, my favorite lifeguards from the years when I was growing up at the pool.

And though it’s starting to sound like I was wiping my eyes and blowing my nose in my towel the whole time, that wasn’t it at all.  It was only part of the time–heh heh. 

No…I was just glad for the living memory of a place I’d onced loved.  Glad to have shared it with my kids.  Glad to have squeaked in before they closed for the summer.  Just glad.

Because it was great then.  And is still great in memory.

The Wenatchee City Pool.


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  1. I think this place is just the darned best. Looks like the kids had fun.

    • jeannem32 says:

      I’m not big on swimming these days, but I love this pool. I clearly took it for granted growing up. The kids had a blast…up until the point they got cold. 🙂

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