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Token Parenting

She has not usurped my authority–even in the least, so much as she has repeated my own words and gotten him to do the very things I was asking.  Only effortlessly.  And without getting upset.

I suddenly want to be her.

I think it’s her voice.  Maybe even her face.  Or the fact that anything she suggests is about the coolest thing he’s ever heard of.  “Do you want to go potty?” she asks him.  Only her hands are completely animated, extended in front of her like she’s about to hand him ice cream.  And her eyes are alive, saying just as much as her words. “Do ya, bud?  Do you want to go potty?”  And the energy in the room is pulsing.  “Yeah!” he shouts.  And she finishes, “well, let’s go then!”  And the two of them burst by me to the bathroom and slam the door.

Nevermind that she is six.  And he three.  Or that she will send him out the bathroom door first, wearing his underwear in the right direction, beaming with success.  “I went potty, mom,”  he’ll say.  By which time I will high five his unwashed hand, as she affirms from the sink that he did a great job.  Then she’ll add, “I think he should get a cookie.”

Only I will take this moment to a peek into the same bathroom mirror to see if I’m still wearing the orange shirt I thought I was.  Or…if I’m invisible.

While I’m there, I’ll hug her or pat her back or shake her hand and tell her she’s doing a great job raising her brother.  And since she’ll decline the cookie I offer her, saying, “no thanks, mom. I just want to spend some time reading, ” I can only sit down and eat the thing myself.  His, too. 

And wonder for a brief moment…

where on earth she came from.


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  1. Candy land was fun, but this, this one was my favorite. She is awesome. She belong to you and Troy guess that means the two of you are also awesome!

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