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What Matters

We got away over the weekend.  Away from our house, anyway.  We took a couple of day trips up Mount Rainier, as our kids’ eyes still lit up about hiking.  So we indulged.  Two hikes in three days.  And though there was nothing fancy about any of it…it’s created one my favorite family memories.

What I love, here, is that we parked our truck up at Mt. Rainier and ate our lunch in the back.  Dinner on top of the Space Needle would not have compared in grandeur.  The joy was right here.  The four of us and the cooler just chillin’ in the back.  That’s my son, shoveling in his fifth pickle.  And that’s the bag of chips he would eventually hug as he hiked.  Anything to get him back up the trail.  Heh heh. On his own feet.

This is my son wearing my hat.  It’s all we had. And it was cold.  But nevermind that.  It’s that we hadn’t planned to stop here.  Only he’d turned varying shades of gray, green and yellow, as we wound south from Eatonville.  And getting him out of the truck without incident was our highest priority. He’s happy here.  And his color’s back.  And well, it all seemed a miracle at the time.

Here’s my son just holding his daddy’s ear.  Because he can.  


 And our daughter.  All four feet of her.  Growing like a sunflower.


And my husband who really gave this rock some thought.  I think it made the cut.

And here’s our self-timed family picture.  Maybe even our Christmas card.  We’ll likely look the same in a few months.


And this was to be a picture of my husband and my son, and I suppose it still is.  Only they were both in the same spot when I clicked the camera.

This is our lunch detour. Up Forest Service Road 59, if it matters.  We’d planned to hike Goat Creek Trail, but after bouncing two and half pot-holed miles uphill on our way to the trailhead at the ninth mile, we chucked that plan and had lunch in the back of the truck again.  It was green there.  And purty as can be.


And then? 

Well, we headed into Kautz Creek, the first real hike you can take once you enter Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park from Hwy 706. We would all take half a peek at the outhouses right off the road and unaminously declare we could hold it.  Forever, if necessary.

Here’s Kautz Creek.  A bit orange, we noticed.  Like rust.

And here’s the chip bag.  A quarter mile in.

And the leap from the log on the count of three.  Or uh, not at all.

Here are the pinecones he couldn’t part with.

And the snags she just learned about.  There’s a big one in the distance.  Only it could be anything.  He’d look wherever she pointed.

And blessed sand.  To dig holes and call them potties.  It’s a phase.  I hope.

And the end of our day…. 

Nothing fancy.  Even in the least.

Just us, God and bunch of trees.

But heaven help me.  I couldn’t have asked for more.


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  1. I liked the difference int his. It felt like more voice and less story. I enjoy the story, but this makes you present in the story. Like you were in all the pictures with a missing Mom. Good job once again Jeanne

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