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Why We Homeschool…

Because I forget sometimes, this is for me…

A reminder, that is.

About why we’re homeschooling.

1.  She’s really a teacher.  Patient as they come.

Nevermind that they’re both in their pjs or that his robot bottoms have a hole in the crotch that he keeps messing with.  Completely nevermind.  It’s that he’s sitting still long enough to listen as she reads off the facts of each card.  “Did you know the tiger is the biggest living cat?”  she asks.   Bigger than the lion, even.”   Then he ‘wows’ outloud and collects the card from her for his stack.

2.  They’re on the same team.

“What is this, bud?” she’s asks.  And he answers, “hands.”  Which they sort of are.  And which is why she says,”almost.”  Then adds, “these are gloves.”  And he says, “oh,” feeling neither belittled nor hurt.

3. She is long-suffering.

This might be the thirteenth card or the thirtieth, but she’ll hang in there until he wanders away.  Or tackles her.  Or goes off to sit on the cat.

4.   She appreciates the finer things in life.

Like making applesauce by hand.  And eating the cooked apple skins that don’t make it through the sieve. Only she asked this time, “Don’t you think they have a machine for this sort of stuff?”  “For what?”  I’d asked.  “For making applesauce.”   And then I wasn’t sure if she really did appreciate the finer things in life.  But it didn’t matter by then.

5.  She’s his biggest fan.

And he knows it.  Which is why he runs to me for a half-second hug and then rattles on to her that he didn’t even cry today at preschool.  And she drops her jaw for effect and then hugs him, too.

6. She knows him well.

And knows like I do, that he hasn’t just hefted his backpack because he can.  Rather, it’s his nonverbal for, “don’t take my picture.”  Which, uh, didn’t pan out for him here.

7.  She gets it.

Here are her notes from the phone call with her dad.  Um…those are commas.  Caw–muhs.  And how she knew to separate our names with them…I still don’t know.  But the whole thing’s perfect.  And it makes me smile.  Kind of like she’s doing here.  Only with teeth.

8. She thinks it through.

She just tallied her dad’s lunch, which came to an exorbitant $139.00 in fake bills.  Only he claimed that both his arms were suddenly useless and he needed her to count out the money in the fewest number of bills…

Which she did.  It’s the tip that got forgotten.  But I won’t let that happen again!

9.  The two of them can create a game where there isn’t one.

The game’s really called Blokus.  And it’s got tiny pieces.  And a set of rules we’ve never read.  But they love it.  The tiny pieces, anyway.

Here they’re both onto something, only it isn’t the same thing.  Her goal is to fill the whole surface space in without leaving anything empty or unfilled.   And just the edges concern him.  What this might say about either of them…I don’t know.

10.  She’s adaptable.

About this time the game turned into something about monsters.  His suggestion.  Only she went with it and before I could haul him away to a nap he never took, the two of them laughed their eyeballs out.

11. Which is just one more reason why we homeschool–for now…

there’s a lot of laughter we all might’ve missed out on.

And that just might’ve been the biggest shame of all.


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  1. Holly McKamie says:

    Love this so much Jeanne! This says it all. : )

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