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Whatever Works

We nabbed ourselves a walk today.  It’s what we do around here when the sun shines for ten minutes in a row.  We even put on shorts–just to show how risky you really can be in western Washington on the last day of September.  Then one kid grabbed a bike and pedaled away, and the other said real big that he was going to pull the wagon.

Which lasted about the length of our driveway.

Because you can do so much more when you’re not pulling.  Like study friction.  And its effect on your mom’s arm.

Or yell, “look at me, mom!”  And show her this.  Which will tempt her to leave you right there.

But because she loves you, and because you finally put your shirt back on the body part it belongs, she’ll even let you rest your head on the handle.

After all, her motto on this walk is–Whatever Works.


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