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Honk Shoe

I come from a family of snorers.  Loud ones. The ear plug type.  Which has always made the topic of snoring somewhat touchy–at least for me.  So sometime in our first year of marriage when my husband mentioned I had snored, I died a tiny death inside.  And then apologized for four mintes and again later out of context.  Until he also bothered to mention that it was cute.  Little tiny-barely-anything snores.  Which technically, isn’t called snoring.  But breathing.  And which I certainly might’ve been healthier not hearing about, as I worried myself a fresh stomach ache that I just might up and really snore one these nights.  Lame.

And which has nothing to do with what I was really going to say.

Only that my children who sleep soundlessly night after night, also pretend to snore when they pretend to sleep.  “Are you guys asleep?” I’ll holler.  And then the series of ‘honk shoes’ begins.  “Honk-shoe, honk-shoe, honk-shoe…”  until one of them figures it’s just easier to fall asleep instead of hyper-ventilate.

Which is why I may ‘honk-shoe’ a few times tonight.  For five seconds or so.  I’ll either smirk myself silly or pass out from the effort.

“honk-shoe, honk shoe”  heh heh…

But that was just for practice.


6 Responses to “Honk Shoe”

  1. The Man says:

    Tears… Actual tears are costing down my cheeks. Very funny – I miss you three!

    I love You,

    Your Biggest Fan

  2. Sarah says:

    Love this. I think my life would be less silly without your writing

  3. Carolyn Moore says:

    So so funny! I just love to have a good laugh and I definately owe you a big thank you because you make me laugh, pure and simple. Now I am forced to be a Facebook regular because I have to read your Blog.

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