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The Letter "A"

Sometimes my impression of an event seems so indelible that I don’t even bother to write it down. “I’ll never forget this,”  I’ll say.  Only I do.  Forget.  And well, life moves on.

I do not remember when my daughter began to read.  Only that I can scarcely remember when she didn’t.  Nor do I remember when she first wrote “DAD” in wobbly capital letters on a blue post-it note and stuck it on our mirror.  I only have the post-it tucked away.

And so yesterday, as I emptied our freezer onto the kitchen floor, my son got busy at my feet on his Doodle Pro.  Or someone’s Doodle Pro.  And the only thing I was worried about remembering was why I’d opened the freezer in the first place.  Until he showed me this.  An “A.”   His first “A.”  The “A” he’d said he’d drawn for me.  The “A,” by circumstance, I could not keep. 

But said I would remember.


2 Responses to “The Letter "A"”

  1. Sarah says:

    Good job Silas. I would tell him that, but A. I am not sure he know his name is Silas (bud). B. I sound like a scary monster with the cold I am currently donning. So, tell him I said good job and give him a big hug. The letter “A” is a big deal, and we are glad you shared.

  2. jeannem32 says:

    Aww…thanks, Sarah. I’ll pass on the good word. In the meantime, you get well!

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