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Making it Through Monday

It was seven-fifteen, maybe earlier, when our naked tricylist pedaled down the hallway, a plastic jack-o-latern stuffed with decorative corn hanging from his handle bar and a TV cable dragging behind his seat.  I merely looked up.  And then down.  As the day appeared to have taken off without me.

This same child would sit down for breakfast without a stitch, complain two bites in that he was cold, dump his cereal where his underwear would’ve been and then blubber at a higher volume and with tears just how cold he really was. 

By which time he would allow me to stuff him into his clothes.

At the library, he would inform me about his drawers.  Mentioning off-hand that he had pooped in them.  Only I assume he used the word ‘poop’ because he is not yet familiar with the word ‘diarrhea’.  A thing no roll of paper towels should attempt to handle.  Unless of course it is all you have.  And well then, like me, you’re grateful.  For the paper towels.  Nevermind the working bowels.

At home he would dash down the driveway on his tricycle (in clothes this time), looking neither right nor left, and veer on a single back wheel into the road.  My neighbor would suck in her breath for both of us and on the exhale mention how tired I look.  Which I suppose is a compliment in comparison to looking dead or beaten up.  I took it as one.

My daughter in the meantime would operate in her own world.  One where reading right-side up is optional.


And where creating a map of our neighborhood would hold her attention for an hour.  And some.

I’m not sure how Monday will end.  Only my prayer is with two children in bed.  And myself soon to follow.

In the meantime, though…looks like I’ll be building more character.

It must be what I need today.


4 Responses to “Making it Through Monday”

  1. Sarah says:

    And I am beat. From reading this story alone, and then add my life. GAME OVER

  2. Marilyn E Pyke says:

    I love reading about your days. You have such a comedic and humble way with words, that even without your cute photos, we could imagine exactly what you are going through. It’s a good thing you are finding time to record all this because when you author your memoirs, you won’t need notes. In the meantime, we all get to enjoy your life with you. Please keep it up.

  3. […] we’d done something similar at the library on Monday, helped.  I mean it didn’t help Monday out.   Or change the fact that I was lookin’ […]

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