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Halloween Epiphany

Sometime in the middle of October my daughter delivered the verdict:  She wanted to be a ghost for Halloween–and could we start making her costume right now.   On her heels, my son blurted out his ideas:  He wanted to be a pumpkin.  Or a piece of corn.

By the end of October, my daughter was still wondering about her ghost costume–that is–which sheet we were going to use.  And my son was still talking pumpkin.

So, sometime on the 29th, we got serious.  Or my mother-in-law got serious.  And whipped out a ghost costume.

And a friend loaned us a pumpkin suit.  Completely homemade.  And which I might’ve cried over if I’d been that kind of person.

But I just smiled.  And loved that my kid put it on.  And twirled.  And chased his sister down the hall.  Who couldn’t see out of her ghost costume and missed the cat by whiskers when she wiped out.  Her brother on top of her.

Here’s my son in his pumpkin suit.

And here’s my daughter, the ghost.

And here’s our pumpkin again, standing in line for a turn to fish, behind other costumes his size.

And here he is with his dad, waiting for the fish to bite.

Only the fish sent a pad of paper and a piece of candy in their stead.

Which our son thought was just fine.  And by which time he helped himself to another piece of candy somewhere else.  Something our ghost would make sure we knew about.

And here our ghost can see at least well-enough to toss a ball in front of her.  Which translated into more candy no matter where that ball went.

And then here’s me, wearing my tattoos.  Completely fake.  As is unmistakable in this picture.  But double-take worthy in person.

I laughed with a friend who said she wondered just what kind of crowd they’d drawn to the church when she’d seen my arms.  Then we both sighed.  Mostly in relief.

And I realized in there somewhere that it doesn’t matter the size of our pumpkin suit or the color of the sheet on our head…or whether our tattoos are fake or real…

What matters is who God says we are…

Despite our desperate facade.


3 Responses to “Halloween Epiphany”

  1. Sarah says:

    Where did you get the fake tattoos? I love it. The kids look like they had fun. Was Troy a Doctor for the day? Hahahaha

  2. Linda H says:

    The kids look really cute and it looks like you all had a good time. Linda

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