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When It Don't Add Up

Between yesterday and today, I’m confused on what makes sense anymore.  Or what’s normal.  Or how soon is too soon to pop the cork on the wine bottle and take, say, a tiny sip.  I mean…


I have no idea what I mean.

I only recall encountering this on my stairway sometime yesterday afternoon.  The gift of hangers draped like tinsel down each stair.


And then hearing this, “MOM, he knocked over my creation!” which would oddly come from the bathroom.  Where it is, of course, sensible to build block towers.  It’s where I’m building mine tonight.  Followed by not washing my hands before I eat. heh.

And seeing this–my daughter with her new haircut looking like she’s five instead of, well, six.  Only she also looks like I did when I was wee and had hair coerced into puny pony tails and bangs that advertised my forehead.  She’s just cuter.

And then finding this–what’s left of the bird our cat drug in and enjoyed behind the couch.  I think I could work up a gag even now.

And noticing this–my son quietly not folding dish towels as asked.  But burying himself beneath them.

And putting himself to bed.  Which at this juncture, makes just as much sense as everything else.

And which just beckoned that bottle of wine.

That tiny sip.


4 Responses to “When It Don't Add Up”

  1. Kristina Linkem says:

    Seriously? All this in one day? When’s your birthday…I’m bringing you a bottle of wine. Maybe for thanksgiving since it’s a short time away.

  2. Katie says:

    We could always meet at the Ram tomorrow instead of Border’s (or heck, I have wine here just asking to be opened). I’ll happily share that bottle of wine with you!! 🙂 They really are just too cute, though!

  3. Sarah says:

    Went to a funeral today—STOP—was promised a glass of wine with friend who was the daughter of the father who passed—STOP—no wine given—STOP—went home sober and crying still wishing for wine to dull the sadness—-uhhh— START– me a glass Katie and Jeanne. We can go to the wine bar in down town Puyallup. I think this book club is actually therapy and this blog just daily comic relief written just for me

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