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That it started with a bad case of the undies…

And eventually ended like this…isn’t the whole of the story.

It’s that at one time during the day he’d had these sweats on, and while he was still wearing them, he’d asked if we could play Twister.  The party game, Twister.  The game we’ve had on our shelf since my husband’s birthday last February when we’d thought it was a good idea to spring a hip, pass gas in a crowd and show a little crack reaching for the red dot.

Ain’t no crowd, though.  Just a little boy wantin’ to take his finger to the cardboard spinner and get a handle on knowing his left from his right. 

 Which became a game in itself.  One I could sit back and, uh, certainly not strain myself over.  Here he’s got a good thing goin’ on.  The spinner says, “right foot on green.”  And behold…his right foot be on the green.  Nevermind his other limbs.  They’re just happy to be somewhere.

So here he is, spinning again…

And here he is positioning himself for the 100 meter dash.


Which is really no further away than putting his left foot on red.

Only he’s taking this very seriously.

So seriously that he had to lose the orange sweats.

By which time he collapsed in his underwear on the Twister mat. 

Until the idea came to him to shed those, too, and wear ’em on his face.

But, uh, you already know all that.


2 Responses to “Twisted”

  1. Sarah says:

    You are awesome

  2. Leslie says:

    Yeah, your blog has an “underwear” category. Just sayin’. You’ve apparently tagged it more than once. Awesome.

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