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Two Hand-some Turkeys

Hanging in our upstairs bathroom is a hand print of our daughter when she was one.  Or most of a hand print.  The glue holding three of the fingers in place certainly helps

It’s just that five years ago, I’d gotten nearsighted on this hand print idea, and by golly we were going to  have a hand print, even if I couldn’t read directions correctly.   God bless America.

And we had a hand print.  Only every finger had broken off except the middle one.  Which was what I thought about the whole hand print kit anyway.

So, um…

There ain’t no plaster of Paris hand print of my son.

But we do have these.  Fresh off the paint brush.

This is my daughter’s hand print turkey.  I could smile a whole minute at the proportion of those turkey feet to that turkey.  And at that speck of a waddle.

This is my son’s.  His turkey has black feet.  Or is wearing a skirt.  I mostly like that its neck extends directly east from its body.   And that it must eat with something other than a beak.

And these…the ones decked out in dresses because they can be…

be the ones who made them turkeys.

And the ones who own the hands I hope to hold a while longer.


3 Responses to “Two Hand-some Turkeys”

  1. Leslie says:

    Well, at least he has clothes on today. … And, I mean, speaking of therapy all these dress pictures may need to be NOT put on the hard drive. Or at least not in frames.

  2. Kristine says:

    It is incredible how u make me laugh w/ur descriptions of Raven’s turkey feet and how Silas’ turkey’s head is so due east and wearing a black skirt. You are awesome! On another note, Young laughed at your description of the persimmon tasting like air. It is refreshing to get your perspective 🙂

    • jeannem32 says:

      hahaha…that’s awesome! I love talking writing with you! And that persimmon had to be the most mystifying thing I’ve ever tasted–air with a hint of carrot.

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