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Toilet Paper Omission

My daughter wipes.  And I’m grateful. 

It’s just that she wipes and then misses the actual toss into the toilet.  Often. Which strangely or unstrangely is, uh, gross to me.  And not gross in the sense that her used toilet paper bounced on the floor before it was recovered and flushed.  But gross because it’s still there.  By the other two slowly unwadding misses.  On the left side of the toilet.

Only as much as I’d like to pity her aim, it’s really my two fingers and thumb I’m pitying.  And thinking about scrubbing again.  The ones that have pinched the wipe rejects before and tossed them unwittingly into the trash.  I remember thinking, “c’mon…who’s blowing their nose in the dark?”

Um.  Nobody.

It’s just that I didn’t completely understand this until yesterday, as there on the back of the toilet seat, doing its last hover before it hit the floor was another wad.  Which, uh, someone had not blown their nose in.  And which I flicked into the water with my shoe.

And never spoke of.

Cause she’s six.  And she wipes.

And I love her.


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  1. Cherie says:

    Oh how I can relate, and she is six as well. Let me know if you ever get this solved because i have been working on it for awhile.

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