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Per the calendar, it’s certainly the day to be thinking about family.  That is unless you’re already at their house with the fridge open and sticking your finger in the pie.  And well then, I’d say they’re completely on the top of consciousness.  Or the pie is.

But for me…I’ve got my younger sister on my mind.  The one with four boys.  The one who, on that account alone, we should all pray for.  Uh…right now.  And then never let up.  The one, who with her husband, owns two restaurants in Chelan and who might’ve last slept sometime in January.  That sister.

The one whose back I saw today as I zig-zagged behind her between restaurants,  as she prepped for dinner and I chatted about things so important I can’t remember them now.

Only I remember this…

I remember how her boys got Christmas.  Boys who last year asked to take all their own wrapped presents from beneath their tree and then carry them to a family crowded in a trailer, a family that wasn’t planning on having gifts for Christmas.   But did.  Boys who got to smile the whole way home lest their chests burst with the joy of giving.

And I realized it ain’t too early or late to have that kind of joy…

For Christmas.  For Thanksgiving.  For any ordinary day.

Wow.  Thank you, Jesus.



4 Responses to “When the Thanks is in Giving”

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    Wonderfully heartwarming, thought provoking and action encouraging! Thanks.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am in tears. Great great great blog for today. Thanks

  3. Linda H says:

    Beautiful … simply beautiful … Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Linda

  4. Ruth Slagowski says:

    What an awesome example of the true giving spirit! I love your family, all of them…. 🙂

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