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Thanks at 3

Come Thanksgiving, there’s a time for everything.

A time for wearing a blue sweater vest from 1985.  Or having your ribs tickled right off.

A time to crawl with a kid clutching your sweater vest.  Or to hitch a four-second ride from the fireplace to the couch.

A time to eat of the bounty.  Unless the thought of turkey makes you sad because all you want is butter.

A time to be retickled on your remaining ribs.

A time to gape at artifacts and wonder what they were ever used for.

A time for opening the jackpot…

And finding happiness is but a power tool away.

A time for discovering your type A tendencies.

And learning you won’t let yourself walk away from a job undone.

A time for workin’ on a new number.

And for finally giving purpose to all of grandma’s coasters. 

A time to be three…


a time to be three.


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