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Limpy Tree Love

That the only ornament on our Charlie Brown tree lasted two and a half days is, well, something.  That it shattered on the floor after rolling out of my daughter’s hands and not my son’s is also something.  Only I didn’t take any time to think about what those somethings might be.

I just know that our tree went from fully dressed to fully montied in one simple, “uh-oh.”

Here it is.

But…minus the glossy ornament on its branch to check your teeth in.


Cause what’s left of that ornament be right here.

Only we’ve got other ornaments… like this one.  Which had been a favorite, until yesterday, when the small boy who owns this hand forced out three of the jewels with his fingers.  He said he liked it better that way.  I said, “hey,” like I was also three, ” that was my ornament. Give me back the jewels.”  Which he did after he pulled them out of his mouth.

That he would choose this half- jeweled ornament to deck the bottom limb of our Charlie Brown tree seemed, well, almost holy.

As I realized (after I exhaled over the broken bulb) ain’t nothin’ much matter on the outside.  Not the ornament.  Or the sweats I’m wearing…and wore yesterday.  Or the totes you’d have to wade through just to sit on our couch.  None of it.

What matters is how much I love those kids who love that limpy tree.


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  1. Carolyn Moore says:


  2. Linda H says:

    Gary said to tell you Charlie Brown would be proud of the tree.
    Christmas is such a magical time of year for little ones. Your little guy looks so happy with the tree “dressed”. Too cute!

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