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Tree Time

It had taken the two males in our family only a moment to decide that the tree I’d pointed out, which was a third the size of the one they’re sawing now–was way too wimpy for our living room.  “Our ceiling can handle something much bigger, ” my husband had said.  And in mimicked words, my son had agreed.

Which was also about the time I decided I didn’t care which tree came home with us.  Even in the least.  Our decorations tend to lay meekly on the bottom two branches until they are tugged off, stepped on, or relocated to the manger with baby Jesus.  Which, uh, makes the height of the tree completely superfluous.

But then I saw the tree on the ground.  All 25 feet.

And wondered if I should care.  Or if I was a little late on that.

Either way, somebody had to start sawing a piece of that thing off. 

Even if it meant sawing in the wrong spot while wearing a mammoth yellow glove. 

‘Cause per the tape measure, ony 16 feet of it was coming home.

Which was just fine with these guys who, prior to five p.m., had been a chorus of moans about when we were getting a tree. 

Only now they know. 

So here we are with our untiny tree…

on our way to our unbig house.


3 Responses to “Tree Time”

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    Ho Ho Ho and Ha Ha Ha!! Untiny tree goes to the unbig house.
    Funny! Thanks for the laugh — AGAIN! I love the picture of the two “Man” look alikes inspecting the tree by being inside of it :0)

  2. Sarah says:

    I think you could have used this picture as the Christmas one. I love it

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