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It’s not so much that the wad of red yarn my son snipped last night without asking was even worth a reaction.  I might’ve sighed.  It’s that the same little boy with the red yarn wad just exited the bathroom with every roll of toilet paper we’d had stashed below the sink strung up like a necklace. One he said reminded him of beads.

Only their intended function far exceeds beads. 

And their absence… pity…

is certainly cause for creativity behind closed doors. .

Which doesn’t seem to bother our son a bit, as he’s barely joined the wiping world.

And only knows for certain a sweet necklace when he sees one.

One with red yarn and big ‘beads’.


2 Responses to “Un-deck the Halls of Rolls of TP”

  1. Sarah says:

    This is awesome. I wouldn’t know what to do. i guess just smile and write a blog post about it.

  2. Ruth Slagowski says:

    Especially when he looks up at you with those big blue eyes and awesome smile!!!!! So cute……

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