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Me Thinks I Heard a Whine

I don’t know if post-Christmas selfishness hit your house.  But it made a stop at ours.  

Only it was at the moment we were due at my in-laws to eat the meal-of-the-year.  Which meant that either we were taking a selfish child with us.  Or one of us was eating cold steak.

Cold steak it was. 

And so as I drove away with our son who couldn’t believe he had the van and the window controls to himself, my husband had a little chat with our daughter.  What he said…I don’t know.  I only know that a happier child joined us at dinner.  One who ate everything but the crust of her roll and who resisted further meltdown even when it became popular to do so.

Hours later, I found her hand-written list of things she’s thankful for still resting on our dining room table.  Which doesn’t matter so much…the items, that is.  Though feel free to scratch your head with me at number thirteen. 

What matters is that when our daughter practiced being thankful…she actually became thankful.

And you know…

I bet the same would happen to me.


3 Responses to “Me Thinks I Heard a Whine”

  1. Leslie says:

    Love this. And for the record, I could use some practice too, Rave. Me too… (sigh).

  2. Sarah says:

    Ummm I like #42 and if I had some
    I would find myself thankful. It is good to know that little girl is human—I was beginning to wonder

  3. Perry Olson says:

    It is amazing when we start to write down ways that we are thankful the list grows and I know that pleases God.

    Rave did a great job expressing thankfulness. I loved her list.


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