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Happy Old Year

I don’t know your sentiment, if any, on saying goodbye to Twenty-ten.  I can’t say I’m squeezing out a tear here. 

It’s just that as we button up another year, I realize, too, that  it’s a whole decade we’re shelving…and somehow, that seems significant. 

And it’s not that I want to dredge up the last ten years and try to make sense of any of them.  I ain’t got the time.  I just want to remember for a moment, while I can, some of the reasons I smiled in 2010.

Some time in July my son and daughter came downstairs and twirled in these same-color dresses until they nearly burst from giddiness. 

But it’s this picture that does something to me.  I just can’t put it into words.

In the spring, we’d sprinkled a packet of wildflower seeds in our backyard and had waited out most of the summer for them to bloom.  Only when they did, my son took to harvesting them in small bunches multipe times a day.  This was one of my gifts.  Like winning the jackpot, people.

Here are both my kids in the back of the kiddie train chugging through the park in Orting.   I don’t even remember the reason we’re there.  Just somethin’ about  them smiles.

In late August, we hadn’t intended to stop at Little Eorthe Farm to see the chickens and the sunflowers.  But it’s what we did when we didn’t want to go home quite yet.  Our son had just turned green and upchucked his entire roast beef lunch in the truck as we wound around a few mountain roads… which ended our hike before it began. 

Our time at Little Eorthe was a close second.

This is one of our Mount Rainier hikes where we started the tradition of eating lunch in the back of the truck.  Huge highlight when you’re six and three…something you’ll just have to trust me on…heh.

This was the beginning of another hike, where en route, our son turned a different shade of green.  Only this trip we pulled over in time and hung out on this beachy picnic sight until he turned  a more acceptable color.  Something like pink.

This is that same pre-hike spot, still biding time..

Only I’d take more of this in 2011. 

Not the barfing.  Or the windy roads that bring on the barfing.  But the outdoors.  With the fam.

I’d like to get in on more laughter, too.  And sleep….

Not talk of sleep.  Not a snooze.  Not 43 interruptions while I should be sleeping. 

The real deal…sigh.

It’s been a year…and it’s been ten. 

Welcome 2011!  I think I’m ready. 

And if I’m not…well, welcome anyway!


4 Responses to “Happy Old Year”

  1. Sarah says:

    I am thankful for many things in the last 10 years. I met and married my husband, had two children, started and ended a career, bought two homes, finished a good portion of my education, traveled, made amazing friends, gained a new love of life through the loss of a few— it was an eventful 10 years. I won’t miss those years for what I gained I still have. I look forward to adding to the wonderful things I have carried through and hoping for a bit less sorrow in the next 10.

  2. Carolyn Moore says:

    Here’s what I think when I see this blog that God so wisely has placed out there within a fingers touch for all to glean from. I have watched your family play together, laugh together and grow
    together and at the top of my prayer is, “Lord, please let the world see and hear how to interact with their children through this blog sent through Jeanne from You”. I continually think about the strong happy foundation you are depositing in Raven and Silas’ lives.
    Oh, to have a childhood riddled with love and acceptance sprinkled with lots of fun. If only. If only. If only more children could have this you offer your own so freely.

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