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Miracle on 192nd St.

I shudder at being this honest and will likely bury my head in a sleeping bag once I’m done here and resurface some time in March, but the truth is, our house has been a magnet for friction on Sunday mornings.  That we’re bustling over breakfast and trying to funnel partially dressed children to the van, children who woke up with an agenda of their own and who have the whines to prove it, is all part of the irony, I suppose.  We’re headed to church.  Which is also why as we back out of the garage, one of us, runs back inside for a Bible, and back in again for a pen, and one more time for a coat for the kid who thought he was warm enough in thirty degrees and snow without one. 

Uh…God help us.  We be needin’ it right here in the driveway.

Then call it a ‘Miracle on 192nd Street’ but as fast or slow as I could mutter my thankfulness for anything, to include the kid with mustard on his shirt who wore matching boots, I’ll be darn if Sunday didn’t suddenly have a different hue.  A lesser shade of gray…heh.

Thank you, God…

for rescuing me…and, well…saving me from myself.



5 Responses to “Miracle on 192nd St.”

  1. Oh, it’s a given. There will ALWAYS be something to try to distract you from getting to church on Sunday! Over the last 30 years there has probably been fewer times we got there without a hitch than with something getting in the way. Just another way we battle on a regular basis to keep ourselves connected to God and our church family.

    Love you guys and thanks for being so faithful through all the trials and tribulations……… 🙂

    • jeannem32 says:

      Ahh…so true, Ruth. I remember the only time I heard my dad say ‘damn it’ was on the way to church when he’d had enough of whatever. Sunday morning stress goes waaaay back…heh.

  2. Sarah says:

    I am sad to say now two weeks in a row we have been home. I think we both believed the nursery and class Joshua is in would thank us for the lack of snot. This week in addition to mucas I had every muscle from the base of my scull to my shoulders frozen as if fused stiff. Next week snot or not I am getting down that hill. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Perry Olson says:

    I will bet that many moms are living the same challenges on Sundays. Hopefully most are determined to get to church anyway.

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