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Yesterday or last week or maybe a month ago, I birthed this kid. 

Only that can’t be right. 

Or what I’m looking at can’t be right. 

That our son could swap bones with our skelton puzzle here and no one would know the difference can only mean he grew while I wasn’t looking. 


Only I thought I was looking.

That my non-baby would show up in front of my face this afternoon with his swim trunks on requesting I help him yank the new goggles out of the wrapper only meant I’d missed something else.  Or he had.  Because, friend…

it snowed last night.

A fact also lost on his sister.

Only I would realize at two o clock that it was JUST two o clock and pity myself and then my near-naked children and finally suggest, “how ’bout we go swim at the Y?”  And then in that order again, I would pity myself and then not so much my children for whom I was wearing a swimsuit.

And though I could see darn near nothin’ with water in my eyes, I kept a close look out for any sudden growing my kids might’ve done.

And, well, I’ve nothing new to report.


2 Responses to “Not All Growed Up…Just Yet”

  1. kimfrey says:

    I’ve been thinkin’ about you guys! Looks like you’ve got science class rollin’ along nicely.

  2. kimfrey says:

    Erin liked ” It snowed…” We’re reading together. Our reading lesson for the day. We’ll submit a book report as soon as you write one! A book that is.

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