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Pint-size President

It started with a little voting.

I raised my hand for Chutes and Ladders, and my daughter hers for Twister.  I was all in for egg salad, and my daughter shrugged and said she was, too.  We both voted the dog should stay out.  And at three o’ clock with her brother around, we all voted to ride bikes.

We had the hang of this.

Which was when we went deeper…ahem… and talked about government leaders and how government leaders get to be government leaders.  By which time I asked if she knew who our leaders were.  Only she didn’t. 

But when she did, she merely nodded, looked away for a moment, then asked with voice of intent, “has a woman ever been president?”

Pardon the creeping smile.

“Not yet,” I answered.

By which time she said with certainty, “I want to be the president.”

And, well, I couldn’t help myself.

And burst into a full smile with teeth.

She already had my vote.


6 Responses to “Pint-size President”

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    And mine as well :0) (with teeth)

    xoxo Carolyn

  2. Sarah says:

    And mine also. 🙂

  3. Bethany says:

    If anyone could do it, she could! Go Raven!! 🙂

  4. Perry Olson says:

    She has my vote.


  5. Linda H says:

    She has my vote.

  6. Well, I think it’s unanimous!!!!!

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