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I don’t know the attraction.  I only know that every few months or less, my daughter requests to watch the Cuisinart food processor ‘how-to’ DVD.  And, well, I let her.

So for eight minutes while the gal in the green shirt shows my daughter how simple it is to assemble our food processor and how she should only handle the blade by grabbing the thing from the top, my daughter winds herself in a blanket and absorbs the whole spiel. 

 And likes it for the sixteenth time.

Then the chef with the receding shoulder-length do demonstrates how easy it is to make guacomole, and crab cakes and apple pie and pizza and meatloaf and nine other things with his food processor.  And my daughter…

my daughter doesn’t move, save to turn her cheek and holler to anyone or no one, “this one’s my favorite.”

Which then becomes reason number 436 thousand why I love this kid.


3 Responses to “When You Don't Have Cable, Anything'll Do”

  1. You can never have to much training on using a Cuisinart. And for that matter, how to make all those delicious meals they turn out, and marvel at how easy it all looks even though we know it isn’t…….

  2. kimfrey says:

    I agree – deprive the kids of all the silly things most kids assume is their right to have, and miraculously they begin to find real life things to play with that they can actually learn from. Well done Jeanne!

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