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As our son unzipped his pjs with news  he had something to show us, I was certain it was his lack of underwear we were about to be front row and center to.  And, well, I was prepared.

But he surpassed our expectations by first having underwear, albeit inside out and appearing to strangle what it was covering,  then dipping into his drawers with his right hand and coming back out with a…

with a light bulb…heh…for his night light. 

There really were no words.

And there were still no words after he reached in again and smugly retrieved the second bulb. 

Only gasps.

By which time my husband and I shifted in our seats, pulled out our pointer fingers and simultaneously concluded, “that’s your kid.”


4 Responses to “Because Light Bulbs and Underwear Shouldn't Mix”

  1. griffter911 says:

    That has got tp be the most adorable thing ever!

  2. Sarah says:

    I am not sure which of you he comes from but I am glad he is here to bring joy to us all

  3. Perry Olson says:

    This is so funny. Thank you for sharing.


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