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Tinkle Interrupted

I sat down twice today.  That I remember.  Both times to use the bathroom and regroup for six seconds. 

Only the library bathroom’s metal door didn’t stop my son from crawling underneath to check on my progress.  Or from me seeing him slip out the main door before I’d retucked anything and flushed.  If they heard me in the biography section yelling from the john, “get back here this instant,” nobody made mention of it.

At home, I’d gotten as far as closing the door and tearing the toilet paper, when a pair of used underwear showed up beneath the door frame still stuck to the stick that had poked them in. 

I could hear the tee-hee-er in the hallway.

Only I didn’t tackle him once I ripped the door open like I’d planned.


I hugged that kid who wanted every ounce of my attention.

And figured I’d regroup tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Tinkle Interrupted”

  1. kate1211 says:

    Love it! As a mother of 4 I haven’t tinkled or showered in peace in years

  2. Sarah says:

    I think going to the bathroom has to happen every day. Can’t put that one off until tomorrow. Fun fun

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