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Repeat After Me

I’d scarcely left the same room, when I heard my daughter say, “hey bud…Let’s play the Repeat-After-Me game.”

By which time my son jumped right in and said, “Let’s play the Repeat-After-Me game.”

The kid caught on.  I liked it.

I lingered long enough in the hallway to hear my daughter laugh out, “I’m a really big jerk.”

And before I could even cringe,  my son shouted, “I’m a really big  jerk!”

I might’ve snorted.

My daughter continued, nearly beside herself, “I’m a big pain in the butt.”

And my son…

My dear little son shouted even louder, “I’m a big pain in the butt!”

And even though I snickered at his ‘confession’, I leapt in to end the Repeat-After-Me game.

It just seemed time my kiddos showed each other love instead.


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