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Mercy for Monday

Today’s ‘To Do’ list.

Modified from its original form.

1. Do not even ponder a shower

2.  Wear the same clothes today as were worn to bed.  Courteously add a bra to the outfit.

3. Begin before dawn holding sick child in arms. 

4. Wobble down stairs with sick child who claims he cannot walk on his own.

5. Hold child in arms on couch and realize holding a bag of hot coals would be somewhat the same. 

6. Listen as child cries about his gourds at preschool.  Wonder what gourds.  Feel sad that he’s sad.  Remind him his gourds will still be there tomorrow.  And then hope that they are.

7. Re-situate child on lap to read books.  Marvel at how he can sit there like a tiny bowling ball and not roll onto the floor each time a page is turned.

8. Make lunch for child.  Watch as he turns a single bite into ten teensy nibbles.  Carry his fevered body back to the couch.  Audibly praise the Lord for a Dora video.

9. Gasp at what stares back in the mirror.  Remind self this is not a good day to be looking.

10. Sit on couch for remaining ten minutes of video.  Zonk out in sitting position with knees to chest covered in baby blanket.

11. Wake to a kick in the kidney. Beg child to take nap upstairs.  Plop 37 pounds of child into own bed.  Scooch in beside.  Race child to sleep.  Win.

12. Repeat steps 4-1o.

13. Wonder how it can still be Monday.  Shrug.

14. Carry still-sick child up to bed.  Sing. Pray. Promise to return.

15. Thank God that his mercies are new every morning.   Sigh…thank him again…


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