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Heart Strings

Sometimes I turn around and see a whole bunch of love goin’ on.

And even though it’s Cat love, one of my heart strings goes haywire…

And I melt for the kid squishin’ the last bit of oxygen out of the cat.

And for the same kid an hour later who loved the heck out of my flowers with his leg crossed and then took charge of who would smell them first.  And for how long.

And for the happiest group to ever hold a couple roses, a few tulips and a homemade card.

And for the luckiest bouquet completely tucked in with a towel and listing to the left. 

And finally for my daughter…God bless her…who ran upstairs to put on every heart she owns.

Which is why they all match.

And which might be the cause for the plinking of another heart string.


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