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At the three o’ clock hour I folded. 

As in, my mind had played one game too many of Backyardigans Memory, Giant Dice, and Tri-ominos, and I just…

I just wanted to close my eyes.  Which turned into my eyes closing on their own.  And my two children–God bless them–doing whatever they wanted for the next twenty minutes.  Momma was done.

How I ever got to this point I’d like to blame on my 9:55 p.m. trip to Walgreens two nights ago when I’d sauntered in for a humidifier.  Only to be met at the automatic doors by two unbusy employees who chorused that I had five minutes. 

FIVE minutes?! 

By which time it didn’t matter and I snagged myself a humidifier for full price.  I was worth it…heh.

Only my new ‘whisper-quiet’ model did so much whispering I couldn’t hear a darn thing.  As in, I couldn’t hear my kids across the hall breathing or sense them stirring or doing whatever they do at night.  And I went nuts straining.  To hear, that is.  Which meant that when my well-rested son found me at six-thirty a.m. and asked if  my new machine was making popcorn, I wanted nothing more than to succumb to sleep.

I was no wiser last night.

And so, as my eyeballs rolled backwards this afternoon, I simply let them roll.

I heard every word of ‘Deck the Halls’ come from my son’s throat in the living room.  I sensed my son go out the back door.  I heard the confirmation from his sister that he’d gone out barefoot and shirtless and was planting seeds.  And I heard the wail when he knew he’d been tattled on.

It was a glorious twenty minutes.

And I coudn’t me more grateful.


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