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I don’t know the legal timeline for wearing the same hat without taking it off–maybe there is none.  But my daughter–for whom I bought a pink fleece hat on Tuesday–and whose bob-lengthed hair I last saw on Tuesday as well–inadvertently put herself in the running for hat-head longevity.  That is, until my husband and I looked at each other tonight, raised our eyebrows and then uttered in unison, “I don’t think she’s taken that hat off in three days.”

Which she hadn’t. 

Not even at night–uh…no lie.

By which time our daughter–whose hair color we’d near forgotten–reluctantly extracted the pink hat from her head. 

And the rest of us…

the rest of us marveled at the matted mess suctioned to her head. 

Seventy-two hours…heh!

In the same pink, fleece hat.

It be a new record around here.


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