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Love this Guy

 FOUR years ago, God blessed our socks off. 

At 9:16 in the morning–(but who’s looking at the clock-heh), he gave us this guy–the one behind the chair at the library–all nine crying pounds of him. 

And the truth is…

we’ve never been the same.

Nor has the dog.

Or the cat.

Definitely not the cat.

Or my swelling heart when my son says, “I made this just for you, mommy.”

That he would be my dishwasher helper…

his sister’s exercise partner…

as well as her roadblock on the way to the bathroom is just, well, who he is.

That he would jump from the pool to hog the picture…

and then expire on the second click… simply makes reason number 974 thousand why we love him.

Happy Birthday to our sweet son.

We aren’t the Munson family without him.


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