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I don’t remember the song being called “The Snake Charmer.”  But then what I remember with the same tune didn’t have a name at all.  Because…

because it’s jingles like these that don’t really go out of the consciousness once they’re in there.  Neither do the words.

And so as my daughter’s piano teacher assigned her “The Snake Charmer” saying, “I bet your mom knows this song,” I didn’t know how such a nice lady could set me up.

Hum along if you want.  I’ll only get you started.  “There’s a place in France where the…la la la la la…”


Only there was no way I was singing this for my seven year old.  Which was when I deferred the little ditty to her dad…heh.  Who snickered because he apparently knew more than one verse. 

But in pre-tween language, I listened as my husband gave a simple explanation about our bodies and how God made them.  Perfectly.  Without shame.

And then because the elusive words still hung in the air like an elephant, we shared the first verse about France with our daughter, who belted out the biggest laugh.   Because…

because it was funny. 

Then three or four snorts later and because it was time, we closed the chapter on “The Snake Charmer.”


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