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We were in the middle of our trip headed north on Interstate 5–the trip that with a heavy foot, minimal traffic, and a four-minute potty stop on the side of the road is exactly two hours from our house–when our son shared his first epiphany.

“Hey,” he shouted from the backseat.  “I’m not even barfing.”

My husband and I nodded our genuine approval–a kid not upchucking in the van was good–real good.

Our daughter, though, didn’t miss the moment and exclaimed with equal amazement, “and you’ve hardly complained either.”

By which time our son looked himself over with wide eyes and shouted what he couldn’t believe, “HEY, I’m not complaining!”

And about this, well, neither were we.


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  1. Jackie Munson says:

    I love my granddaughter so much…she is so much older than her years. Only she would realize immediately that he wasn’t complaining. She gave Silas such a gift…making him realize he wasn’t complaining. I’d bet you and Troy didn’t even think about that when Silas first made his “no barfing” discovery.

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