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Better than Getting

I merely watched as my daughter knelt and tapped her friend on the shoulder.  “Bye…I’m leaving now,” she said.  “Thanks for having me.”

But there was no response.  Just five pairs of hands intermingled all trying to clip a new accessory on Polly Pocket.

My daughter tapped her friend again. 

Her friend smiled but then turned her attention back to Polly Pocket and Polly’s new changing room palace.  The four girls sitting around her did the same. 

My daughter leaned in one more time.  “I got you this,” she beamed.  “This present– it’s from me.”  Then she slipped away from the crowd. 

Polly Pocket had a been a hit.

As we straddled the speed bumps out of her friend’s neighborhood, I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  “Honey,” I said, “you make me so proud.”  Then with occasional glances from the rearview mirror, I recounted how this morning she’d been so quick to choose Polly Pocket for her friend—the Polly Pocket she’d hoped would have been hers–the Polly Pocket she knew her friend would love… 

I was still affirming her decision when she said so…so understandingly. “Mommy… sometimes giving is better than getting.”

Sniff…I love this kid.


2 Responses to “Better than Getting”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love her and think she could teach the world some lessons with her abundance of wisdom.

  2. Jackie Munson says:

    Once again, this beautiful, loving child “just gets it”…I’m a proud nannie.

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