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Post Easter Egging

Some time before Easter we bought eggs.  Extra eggs.

Some time before Easter we thought we’d dye those eggs.

Some time on Saturday night we remembered those extra eggs.  Along with the intention of dyeing the things.  Which was when we said something like ‘why not now’ and covered the top of the table with craft paper

That no one in our family except my husband–who claimed to have but marginal interest in egg dyeing–had even colored an egg–not with a marker, a crayon, nothin’–meant that the rest of us–used loosely here-were wigging with excitement.  Our son, who had peeled down to his underwear, couldn’t keep his buns off the top of the table.  And our daughter, who had previously counted and divided the eggs, such that there were four for each of us with two spares, couldn’t stop worrying about the four that were hers or the possibility that her brother might get five.

The dye tablets couldn’t dissolve quickly enough.

Nor could my son plop his egg in the yellow dye with more gusto.  He and I were of the bent that single colored eggs were fancy enough.  While those with, say, imagination held theirs halfway in a couple colors, got crazy with a wax crayon and blow dried…heh–with a hair dryer–their precious eggs.

That Easter is 11 and 3/4 months away or that we missed it by a week is superfluous.  What mattered was how much entertainment eighteen hard-boiled eggs could yield.

A half hour after my son and I had left the egg perfectionists at the table, my husband jogged upstairs to give us a look at his final masterpiece.  He’d, ahem…gotten into this.  Which isn’t to say a thing–so long as laughing doesn’t count– except that we ought to consider buying more extra eggs next year. 

Seems there’s an interest.


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  1. Jackie Munson says:

    Hopefully Troy remembers he dyed plenty of eggs growing up. The Sat. before Easter was always a big Easter party, egg hunt and baskets of goodies from the “R&G Ranch”, then home to dye all our eggs for the Easter bunny the next day. I’m happy to see he is helping to pass on the egg-dying tradition to his kids…memories of childhood are everything. J.

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