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It was one of those moments where my daughter checked out and…

absently started combing the back of her hair with her fork.

At the restaurant.

In her pink dress.

That seconds later friends of ours would tap us on the shoulder and tell us how talented our daughter was seemed no coincidence.

“Uh…what did you see?” we’d stammered

Only they’d laughingly gestured towards our daughter whose practice at swirling her eyeballs cross-eyed in both directions was really paying off.

I knew I’d seen the look before.


That’s us.


2 Responses to “Classy”

  1. Sarah says:

    She has a ton of talent. More than just fork combing and eye crossing. Love her

  2. Aunt Sandy says:

    Jeanie and Troy,
    I don’t know if things like crossing and twirling ones eyes is hereditary, but if you ask my sister Jackie she can verify that I can, and will if asked, do that very same demonstration with my big brown eyes. I used to freek everyone out when my crazy eyes started to roll around in my head. Tell Raven that Aunt Sandy is very proud of her and looks forward to a stare down.

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