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The Business of Bowling

It was just the three of us–minus the cashier–and the guy eating onion rings at a back table.

In the whole place.

Right there on lane 19.

Gearing up to get two of the all-time lowest scores in bowling.  And claim we had fun doing it.

If you’re worried about bowling finesse…well, you should be.

They certainly didn’t check us at the door for any skills.

Or ball speed.

Or accuracy…

Steady.  Steady… A little to the left…

That’s right, baby.  Didn’t even hit a pin.

So mostly we were hopeful…


for a pin or two.

Maybe a pin?

Ah…forget the pins. 

What matters is being the first one back to the ball chute to snag your ball.

‘Cuz bowling is all about winning…ahem…at something.


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  1. Elisabeth says:

    I was thinking the same thing as Holli when I saw this post. I was looking through some of Jonathan’s cloths and all the orange shirts were from you guys. I think orange is just naturally attracted to Silas. He is a pretty magnetic kind of kid.

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