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Channel 1

We were four blocks and six minutes from the YMCA, growing older at a red light, when my daughter requested we listen to the music on channel 1.

I felt like I could pass on the violins today. But…

but it was the way my daughter asked–so unassumingly–that I pushed our first programmed radio station button– “channel 1”– and listened as a harpsichord concerto filled our van.

The effect was immediate.

My daughter went silent on her please-don’t-touch-me crusade from the backseat and murmured, “I just love concert music.”

My son quit poking his sister’s face and chirped, “I love it, too.”

And I…I forgot for a moment my urgency to get to the Y before the car ahead of me.


Peace hides in the strangest places.


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  1. Sarah says:

    This is the best post. I asked my parents for “concert music” when I was 15. My Step-Dad thought I was being *smart* and bought be 6 cd’s for Christmas. I still have them. I listened to babies best classical music the whole time I was pregnant with Joshua and every time he cried as an infant. He stopped crying and some times when I listen to it the memory makes me start. Thanks Jeanne.

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