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Aw, Nuts!

Our son has yet to fall on the bar of his bicycle and crumple into a little ball.  We’ll give that time.

But he did manage to do one better. 

While scaling the A-frame of our playset, his feet slipped and…and the rest of him straddled the edge of the wood frame on the way down. 

From the initial wail, we knew we weren’t checking for blood and brushing the kid off.   We weren’t grabbing a band aid either.  We were, however, wincing empathetically as we held our son for twenty minutes who, in turn, held his weanie and bawled.  There wasn’t much else to do.

Which isn’t to say that our daughter wasn’t taking the whole thing in. 

Today she protected herself from her brother’s attack in the backyard.  Only she cupped both hands in front of herself as his had been the day before and pleaded, “please don’t hit me in the nuts.”


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  1. teske says:

    Oh Jeanne, you have the best stories & kids. brings back memories of me & my bro…. *sigh*

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