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When Roses Are Red…

Sometimes I stumble upon this and…

and I remember why we’re homeschooling.

In fact I forget for a moment the constant strain to be organized and socialized and educatized. I even forget how much laundry we have.

Because poetry-for-two ‘neath a green blanket in their pjs is more than I could have asked for.


She reads, and he listens. 

He makes faces, picks his nose and leans closer.  And she keeps reading.


And I bear witness: The words of Shel Silverstein never sounded more poetic.


2 Responses to “When Roses Are Red…”

  1. Elisabeth says:

    That is so stinking sweet. I love having the oldest be a girl because they just kind of put up with their brothers and keep going no matter what. I love it when they have those moments.

  2. Jackie M says:

    Visions of the movie “Field of Dreams”…”If you read it, they will come”. Cute pix. hugs. J.

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