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When Hiking Calls

Last year our kids got the hiking bug.  I blame Silver Falls.

And Mt. Rainier.

And the fact that we ate lunch in the back of the truck a few times.

But now since we’ve had two days above sixty-five this year and a glimpse of blue sky, it’s time to hit the trails. 

Which is what we did on Monday…we hit Wallace Falls.

Here’s my daughter mere moments from the parking lot, technically on the trail to the trail.

And my son and husband whose backs I saw plenty of for the next few hours.

This may be the last view of clean clothes.  It was where we said goodbye to white tennis shoes.

So…what does Wallace Falls have to offer?


The whole darn trail is covered in mossed over trees and green stuff everywhere.  You start to sense while you’re hiking that it rains here.  A lot.

We’re not even close to the Falls and it’s already pretty.

Ahem…Same scene.  Same kids.

Different parent.

It helped in the ”wow factor” that the Wallace River paralleled the trail.

I present—“the easily impressed.”

Our smallest hiker noted that some of the stumps weren’t of the tiny variety. 

And I swear they loved it and were not drug here by force.

This is part of the view at the lower falls.  You can literally turn around right here and tell everyone back at the parking lot that the whole hike was worth it.

Or you can stare at the thing a little longer.

And take a picture from a different angle and realize there’s a whole bunch of waterfall still ahead…so, uh, why not?

I think it was at this point our son mentioned he was almost out of gas.  Which was when we parked it here in the ferns and gave the kid somethin’ to eat.  We’re sympathetic like that–heh.

After two miles from the trailhead, here’s the middle falls…the reason we came…

and the reason for faces like this.  I think.

It be gorgeous.  Full of color.  Fresh air.  Inspiration.  Everything my camera cannot show.

God did good.


5 Responses to “When Hiking Calls”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the hiking, the views, happy faces, and most of all the tires little bodies. When they get a some fresh air and movement boy are my kids a different species.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I love the pictures. So sweet. I see a Christmas card in their future. My favorite is the one of Troy and the kids looking down at the river with Raven leaning in close. Such precious moments.

  3. Carolyn Moore says:

    Jeanne, I love the photos you and your entire family. The Waterfalls are so beautiful. Waterfalls are my favorite thing in all the world. You have to give me directions on how to get there.

  4. Kim Frey says:

    I’m ready to put on my hiking shoes and take my family there.

  5. Aunt Sandy says:

    Jeanne, you have to take me there with Troy and the kids if I come to visit in August. Boy, we don’t have hiking trails like this in the deserts of Arizona.

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