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Our Talk

My son opened the door to where I sat on the couch, his newest epiphany lighting up his face.

“Did you know,” he began, “that underneath your pee pee is your nuts?”

I ,uh, did know.  I mean…heh…I’d heard that. 


Only before I could comment or correct or say something drab like, “honey, mommies don’t have nuts,” my son unzipped his pjs, found his goods and labeled them for me like a diagram.

I nodded my understanding–at which time my son rezipped, waved and trotted back up the stairs.


I’m just not sure what to say now.


One Response to “Our Talk”

  1. Sarah says:

    I ummmm believe you said as much as you could. Thanks for that one Buddy, we were all so confused. Now that we have that mystery cleared up…where DO you go from here?

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