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I am a funeral director for over-handled potato bugs, a recipient of daisies plucked from our weed patch, and the least surprised to find a comb taped to the outside of the bathroom drawer.

I am the kisser of a bonked nose and an ear that didn’t see the swing. 

I am the cutter of carrots that nobody wants to eat, the picker-upper of pickles on the floor, and the provider of  cheese sandwiches cut in squares.

I have ahhed over block structures, praised string cheese art, and put the kybosh on bowling in the house. 

I have high-fived a reluctant hand washer, read The Best Nest  in my singing voice and remembered it was garbage day on garbage day.

I have forgiven the child with scissors and held the same child in ‘time-out.’

I will be grateful when the ditty “There’s a Place in France…” leaves my head and when an idea for dinner pops in. 

I will be practical…and

not expect the van to vacuum itself or the dog to stop shedding when I say, “stop shedding!”

I will give pause…and remember the toilets need scrubbing…and I’ll make note of that again tomorrow.

I will remember that even today is not guaranteed….

and I will consciously hug more, listen intently and…

and eat the chocolate I was saving.


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  1. Kim Frey says:

    Very fitting concepts for me today. However, I am off on a solo trip for 3 hours. Can you imagine 3 hours all alone? I’d stop and visit, but I’m going the eastern route. Love you guys… and keep cherishing those moments.

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