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Love Transfusion

What was cute at five p.m.–the kid with gloves and a hat on taking a twenty-eight minute power nap in the van– ceased all cuteness at midnight when the same child was still trotting from his bed to say he wasn’t tired.

At five-something a.m. he needed re-tucked in. 

And at seven-forty his stomach growled.  At which time he fetched his own banana and I opened it with my eyes closed.

I’d hardly turned on my pillow when my son’s two arms stretched across my face.  “When you touch me,” he said, “you give me all your love.”

I reached out both arms to my son.

“And when I touch you,” he continued, “I give you all my love.”

I cradled my son’s whole body in my arms.

He tapped my nose and clarified one more thing.

“And when I poke you in the nose, that means ‘you’re it’!”


2 Responses to “Love Transfusion”

  1. Sarah says:

    Always some thing right around the corner with those 4 year old angel boys.

  2. Jackie M says:

    So sweet….even at 7:45 am he knows the right words to say that make your world light up. One smart, sweet little angel. J.

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